Success stories

Perfect skin 

I have suffered from acne on my face for the last 15 years. I felt I had tried everything: antibiotics, hormonal therapies, different diets, acupuncture, homeopathy...nothing ever seemed to make a difference.  I went to see Lulu and she told me the main cause of my acne was emotional stress. I did treatments at Helios Holistic Health on weekly basis for three months and now I have perfect skin. It’s a dream come true!“ - MK, 31 

Joint pain resolved

"Lulu at Helios Holistic Health helped me get rid of stiff and achy joints. It turned out I had severe mercury toxicity from the seafood I was eating on regular basis. As I started detoxing the stiffness and pain vanished . " - Robert, 45 

Goodbye to insomnia 

“I had accepted that I would have insomnia forever. I was surprised when my practitioner at Helios Holistic Health told me my sleeping issues were related to candida overgrowth. Now the Candida has cleared and I started sleeping again - I have my life back. I keep continuing my journey towards better health by visiting Helios Holistic Health every month.”

- Laura Martins, 28

NAET Success stories

Bloating and constipation resolved

I have been suffering from bloating and constipation for years and I had no clue why. I had tried several diets and nothing seemed to resolve the issues I was experiencing. Through NAET I discovered I was sensitive to Vitamin C...which is found in so many foods that I eat! After I completed the NAET treatments, my symptoms disappeared and I even lost weight. Lulu explained that my metabolism was under a lot of stress because of having to deal with the Vitamin C sensitivity...now that I’m cleared from this sensitivity my metabolism became more efficient. I can’t thank Lulu enough for helping me change my life so simply!” – Elsa, 45.

Optimised athletic performance and recovery  

As a sports person I always worry about my ability to perform at my best and recover in between training sessions. I knew getting the right nutrition was key so I went to see Lulu because I wanted to be in top shape for the London marathon. Turned out I was sensitive to so many foods I was having – including the whey protein powder I was consuming after my workouts. Once I had cleared all the sensitivities with NAET, I started recovering at an amazing rate and my performance went through the roof . What is more, a lot of the pains I was experiencing in my joints and tendons disappeared completely!” -  Matt, 34 

Child’s allergies cleared!

My daughter Maggie was allergic to so many things we could never enjoy a meal out as a family – milk, wheat, eggs... I could she was suffering in school because she was the only child who had to bring food from home. When a friend recommended Lulu I wasn’t sure what to expect as we hadn’t heard about NAET before. Yesterday I sent Maggie on her first school trip because I knew she would be safe eating whatever she wanted. NAET is nothing short of amazing  - now the whole family is benefiting form the treatments. Cannot recommend highly enough!” -  Maggie’s (9) mother

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