Can NAET® help me?

Do you have a known food or environmental sensitivity?

Maybe you may have chosen to avoid the substance completely. This avoidance strategy might keep symptoms at bay but it disrupts your daily life and can causes severe stress. 

Maybe you cannot avoid the substance - such as in the case of hay fever or environmental air pollutants. This means that either you suffer constantly or have resorted to heavy medication.

Also note that having a sensitivity can be very dangerous as the substance can be present in unexpected sources – as it’s the case with nut sensitivities and fatalities.

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Do you experience symptoms or suffer from a condition or disease?

Many symptoms can be triggered by food and environmental sensitivities.Your symptoms are your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Failing to address these may lead to the development of severe conditions or diseases. 

When a virus attacks, a defence mechanism goes into action. The struggle to rid the body of the invading virus is what we recognise as the symptoms of illness, such as fever, coughing, aches, fatigue, etc. 

These are signals of the battle that is going on inside the body as it tries to throw off the invading toxins-producing virus. Untreated, the symptoms increase with serious results. Similarly, continuous contact with a substance you are sensitive to, produces toxins in the body, causing similar reactions to occur. An undiagnosed or undetected sensitivity can produce conditions that are equally serious. 

Symptoms that may be the result of an underlying food or environmental sensitivity include: 

Just about any health condition could be merely a symptom of underlying food or environmental sensitivity.  If such conditions are not diagnosed correctly, the patient may receive a treatment procedure that may further complicate the patient's condition. 

Do you feel you are in perfect health?

Sometimes people think they have perfect vision until they put on a pair of glasses and realise that even though they could see just about fine, they could actual see even better. 

It is the same with overall health – many people think of ‘perfect health’ as a lack of severe disturbances but there is more to health than that. 

Most people have some sort of food or environmental sensitivity that they are not aware of

While it may not be causing any severe symptoms just yet, it contributes to their overall level of energy, vitality and balance. 

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