How toxic are you?

Think of your body like a high performance car. What would be the first thing you would do to make sure you get the full power out of your engine? Make sure it is clean! Even the best race car in the world cannot perform on a dirty engine.

Today's highly industrialised world is full of toxic substances like heavy metals, chemicals, radiation and infectious pathogens. These toxic substances interfere with the body’s basic biochemical reactions at the cellular level and create problems in all of the body’s systems. Toxic build-up often goes undetected until mild symptoms like fatigue and irritability turn into serious chronic diseases like Alzhaimer and Arthritis. In fact, any health condition you can think of could be the result of a toxic build-up.

Some of the effects of these toxins cause irreversible damage, but some effects can be completely reversed if the toxic buildup is discovered and treated in time. 

Find out!

We use neuro-muscular sensitivity testing (NST) with bio-resonance vials to determine the presence of toxic build-ups. This process is completely non-invasive and absolutely pain free (suitable for children as well). 

Bio-resonance vials are small glass vials that contain the bio-resonance pattern of a substance (e.g. the mercury vial has the bio-resonance pattern of the heavy metal mercury) – this makes the vials completely safe in every way as they do not contain the actual substance itself. We simply place the vials on the patient’s body one by one. We assess if there is any change in muscle strength (NST) when each vial comes into contact with the patient. We use changes in motor function of the muscles, in relation to the various vials, to assess the presence of various toxins. (For an in depth medical explanation of how this works please see Schmitt and Yanukk, 1999, International Journal of Neuroscience). We test:

Clean up!

Your personalised detoxification plan might include a recommendation of supplement/s to help you detoxify from the toxins identified in the testing phase. The recommendation is highly individualised based on your own level of toxicity, source of toxicity and your body’s ability to detoxify itself (which depends on many factors such as lifestyle, stress and diet). 

We often find serious cases of mercury toxicity - click on the link below to find out more!

Mercury Toxicity: the Ugly Truth