Nutritional Deficiency

What is the weakest link in your nutrition?

“Nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency” - Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Prize winner.

Optimal health means that the body has all the nutrients it needs to perform basic biochemical reactions. 

Modern diet and lifestyle means we often do not get all the nutrition that we need from our food and often, even when we do, we have trouble absorbing it and metabolising it in the best way for our body. 

Every person has different nutritional requirements. What your body needs for optimal health depends on your age, gender, diet, lifestyle and any health conditions you may have. Taking generic supplements you don’t need may actually do more harm than good as overloading the body with unnecessary nutrients results in displacement of nutrients your body actually needs – creating deficiencies!

Find out! 

We use neuro-muscular sensitivity testing (NST) with bio-resonance vials to determine the presence of nutritional deficiencies. This process is completely non-invasive and absolutely pain free (suitable for children as well). Bio-resonance vials are small glass vials that contain the bio- resonance pattern of a nutrient (e.g. the vitamin C vial has the bio-resonance pattern of vitamin C) – this makes the vials completely safe in every way as they do not contain the actual substance itself. We simply place the vials on the patient’s body one by one. We assess if there is any change in muscle strength (NST) when each vial comes into contact with the patient. We use changes in motor function of the muscles, in relation to the various vials, to assess the presence of a nutritional deficiency. (For an in depth medical explanation of how this works please see Schmitt and Yanukk, 1999, International Journal of Neuroscience).


Are you lacking any of these? We test for...


We will provide you with a recommendation of supplement/s to help you restore all nutritional deficiencies identified in the testing phase. The recommendation is highly individualised and includes exact dosage for each supplement and time of the day at which your body can absorb it and metabolise it best.