How does NAET® work?

What is a sensitivity?

The word ‘allergy’ comes from Greek ‘allos’ meaning altered or changed and ‘ergon’ meaning reaction. So the word allergy literally means ‘altered reaction’. 

NAET® characterises a sensitivity as a condition caused by an incompatibility, or repulsion, between the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of an individual and a given substance (the substance causing the sensitivity, e.g. eggs). 

The NAET® Assessment: Neuro-muscular Sensitivity Testing 

NAET® uses neuro-muscular sensitivity testing (NST) to determine the presence of a food or environmental sensitivity.

The patient is asked to hold in one hand a small glass vial that contains the bio-resonance pattern of a substance (e.g. the egg vial has the bio-resonance pattern of the eggs) – this makes the vials completely safe in every way as they do not contain the actual substance itself. We simply place the vials in the patient’s hand one by one. We assess if there is any change in muscle strength (NST) when each vial comes into contact with the patient. We use changes in motor function of the muscles, in relation to the various vials, to assess the presence of various food and environmental sensitivities.  (For an in depth medical explanation of how this works please see Schmitt and Yanukk, 1999, International Journal of Neuroscience). 

The Treatment 

The practitioner applies firm, rapid pressure stimulation to the “Hua To JiaJi” points from traditional Chinese medicine, as well as designated points down the spine and along the paraspinal muscles which help stimulate the intercostal nerves.  The patient then receives standard acupressure along the front of the body. This procedure is performed while the patient holds the vial in one hand. 

The stimulation of these points in the presence of the substance ‘rewires’ the brain’s response towards the substance. 

The patient is asked to avoid exposure to the substance treated for 25 hours. This allows the reprogrammed reaction of the brain to the substance to come through a full body's biological clock cycle.