About Us

Lulu Nikolic (Founder)

"The groundwork of all happiness is health."

Lulu, the head and founder of Helios Holistic Clinic, is a talented and experienced certified Systematic Kinesiologist, Advanced NAET® practitioner, NET practitioner, Ayurvedic practitioner and Nutritionist. She is continuously expanding on her post-graduate studies by taking courses in Functional Biochemistry, as well as participating in regular Kinesiology seminars.

Before discovering NAET®, Lulu used to suffer from severe hay fever every spring. She had accepted this as a way of life, and had resorted to traditional medicine to keep her symptoms at bay. When she first heard about NAET® she was sceptical but her desperation pushed her to give it a chance. A week later her symptoms had disappeared and Lulu never suffered from hay fever again. She then proceeded to have her small daughter treated for her severe egg allergy, which again yielded positive results. Since then Lulu made it her goal to spread NAET® to the world and help others find relief from all sorts of symptoms.

Professional Member of The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (Dip. ASK).

Professional Member of NAET USA.     

Professional Member of NET USA.

Professional Member of ICAK USA.

Professional Member of CMA (Complementary Medical Association).