At Helios Holistic Health we use kinesiology to assess what factors are compromising your health and we offer holistic therapy treatments tailored to your specific situation.

Different factors can upset your health and lead to symptoms and diseases. We find that five of the most common factors are:

We use kinesiology to detect imbalances in any of these aspects of health using neuro-muscular sensitivity testing (aka muscle testing) - a gentle and non-invasive method of evaluating body function through the dynamics of the musculo-skeletal system. Once we have completed a full assessment of your imbalances, we are able to offer you a customised holistic therapy plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Therapies may involve an individualised supplement plan, suggested dietary changes, NAET, gentle structural realignment, reflex stimulation stress release techniques, flower essences, acupressure and many others. The exact therapy you receive depends entirely on the requirements of your body, determined by your body’s response to the muscle tests.

Who can benefit

Do you experience symptoms or suffer from a condition or disease? We can help!

Biochemical imbalances caused by toxicity, gut imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or emotional stress can cause several symptoms that if left untreated can lead to disease. 

These are just some of the symptoms we can help with :

Do you feel you are in perfect health? We can STILL help!

Sometimes people think they have perfect vision until they put on a pair of glasses and realise that even though they could see just about fine, they could actually see even better. It is the same with overall health – many people think of ‘perfect health’ as a lack of severe disturbances but there is more to health than that.  Most people have some sort of sensitivity or intolerance that they are not aware of. While it may not be causing any severe symptoms just yet, it contributes to their overall level of energy, vitality and balance. Come in for a visit and find out straightaway what might be holding you back!